A collapsed roof is one of the most dangerous issues a home can experience, not to mention the most costly and damaging at the same time. A roof usually won’t collapse unless it has been neglected for a while or unless it experiences a sudden major weather event, water leak, or similar disaster. Many times you can look for red flags indicating a roof collapse is possible and can have the best roofing companies in Maryland fix it before a major disaster occurs. Here are four warning signs your roof may be unsafe.

Visible Signs Of Cracks Or Buckles From The Inside

Many times the only way you’ll know that a roof is damaged or in bad shape is by looking at signs inside your home. Look at your ceilings closely for signs of cracking or buckling. This could mean your roof has sustained significant damage and could be susceptible to collapsing. You should call the best roofing companies in Maryland right away to get the issue inspected and fixed before this happens.

Leaks Inside The Home

No two leaks are the same, but the one thing they have in common is they need to be fixed somehow. Sometimes homeowners get lucky if they catch the leak early enough and a simple patch is all that’s needed to solve the problem. But other times, the leak may have gone unnoticed for so long that the water damage is much more widespread than the small area where the water is leaking from. A roof repair expert will have to identify the source of the problem and determine whether the repair is a simple patch, a whole roof replacement, or anything in between. You don’t want to let a leak continue for too long since it could make your roof even more unsafe.

Sagging Roof

A sagging roof is a sure sign that there’s something major going on with your roof, and it needs to be inspected immediately. If you ignore a sagging roof, you could be putting ductwork and pipes at risk of getting damaged and causing even more problems. Whether you can visibly see your roof sagging or if you notice a soft spot in the roof when walking on it, call a roof repair expert immediately to get it fixed.

Doors Or Windows Are Jammed

Homes settle over the years, and many times outdoor temperatures and humidity can cause doors and windows to stick a little when opening and closing them. However, these changes are usually gradual and work themselves out as the seasons’ change. But if you notice your doors and windows worked perfectly one day, and then had a difficult time opening and closing the next, you might have a roof issue. These sudden drastic changes are signs you should not ignore and call an expert right away.

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