Winter is here so it’s time to start thinking about what you can do to protect your roof if you haven’t already. Snow and ice can create serious damage to a roof, especially if it already has some damage. While it’s ideal to have a roof repair expert inspect your roof before winter arrives, there are a few maintenance tips and checks you can do on your own. We’ve explained some of those here for you.

Examine And Repair Flashing And Gutters

The best roofing companies in Maryland will recommend examining your existing flashing closely to ensure it’s in good shape. It can become loose or warped over the years, which can cause problems when snow and ice come. With damaged or improperly installed flashing, your roof could be vulnerable to leaks.

Gutters should also be examined and cleaned if they have a lot of debris in them. If ice builds in the gutters then they might not be able to withstand the weight and could fall off and be very dangerous. A roof repair expert will also caution you about the possibility of ice dams developing, which can cause major problems with your roof.

Ensure Your Attic Is Ventilated Properly

One of the first things roofing companies in Maryland will inspect is your attic ventilation. An attic that’s not properly ventilated can cause damage to your roof since it’s exposed to the winter elements more. Ice dams are more likely to form with an improperly ventilated roof. Most of the time you’ll need a roof repair expert to determine whether sufficient ventilation is present, so don’t hesitate to contact one to schedule an inspection.

Remove Snow From Your Roof As Soon As Possible

It’s pretty to look at the snow piling up on your roof, but try not to admire it for too long. Snow is heavy and can create serious problems if it’s left on your roof for too long. This is especially true if you know your roof already has a vulnerability. If you’re able to get on your roof and remove the snow, then do so as safely as possible. Otherwise, some roofing companies in Maryland will come to do it for you.

Maryland Roofing Company offers roof repair in Severna Park and the surrounding areas. The winter season can cause major roof problems, but many of them can be prevented with routine maintenance. A professional roof inspection is important as well, so contact us today to book an appointment.

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