Examining your roof periodically is important so you can get ahead of any major issues. It’s especially important to take a close look following a hail storm, wind storm, or other weather events that might have caused damage to your roof. However, every homeowner doesn’t have easy access to walk around on their roof, and it’s dangerous to do so if you’re not used to it. The good news is there are a couple of different options you have to help you examine your roof shingles, and when in doubt, call a Maryland roofing expert to help.

Look At Your Shingles With Binoculars

Whether you have a two-story house or you simply don’t want to get on the roof, you can still examine your shingles from the ground using binoculars. Scan across the roof slowly and look at each shingle closely. You’re looking for any sort of damage and ensuring each shingle is flat on the roof. It will be obvious if you have a missing shingle since you’ll see a hole in the cover of the roof. It’s time to call a roof repair expert if you come across a missing shingle while looking with your binoculars.

Signs You Might Be Missing Some Roof Shingles

If you don’t have any way to visually examine your roof for missing shingles, then some other signs might indicate you’re missing some. When a roof shingle isn’t present, moisture can enter the area and eventually leak through the ceiling. So if you see a yellow spot developing on your ceiling, it’s best to reach out to a roof repair expert immediately. The repair might be minimal if you catch it early enough, but waiting too long could lead to more extensive damage.

Replacing vs. Repairing Your Roof

Replacing a roof usually isn’t necessary unless a large area of your roof is damaged. But the longer you wait to repair one missing shingle, the higher the chances are of the damage becoming more widespread. The best thing to do is have a roof repair expert examine the damage and fix it right away.

Maryland Roofing Company offers roof repair in Severna Park and the surrounding area. We will give you fair and honest assessments of your roof and only recommend repairs that are required. If you believe your roof might need some work, contact us today and we can provide you with a free estimate.

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