When it’s time to install your commercial roof, you’ve got a lot of different options to choose from. One decision you’ll need to make is whether a built-up roof is right for your building. It’s designed mostly for low-slope roofs and it uses bitumen layers and ply sheets for its construction. There are plenty of benefits of having a built-up roof and the best roofers in Maryland can explain them to you.

More Durability

With high-quality materials and workmanship from a Maryland roofing company, a built-up roof can offer more durability than other options. You can reasonably expect a built-up roof to last up to 30 years, which is much better than the 10-year standard that most asphalt roll roofs offer. Installing a new roof can be inconvenient and costly, making it better to choose a type that will last the longest so you won’t have to worry about it as often.

Multiple Layers Of Protection

The multiple layers of protection are some of the biggest selling points of a built-up roof. The combination of ply sheets, bitumen, and surfacing materials offers great protection and insulation. The best roofers in Maryland will explain that a built-up roof is also great for protection against harsh weather elements, which can give you some peace of mind during these types of weather events.

Ease Of Repairs

Unlike traditional roofs, it’s usually easier to identify and repair problems on a built-up roof. You’ll still need a roof repair expert to examine and assess the damage, but most of the time the repair required can be done quickly and at a minimal cost.

Low Maintenance

Since a built-up roof is less likely to be damaged, less maintenance is required as well. You should still do periodic inspections and never assume your roof is in perfect condition. However, due to the low profile of a built-up roof and how it’s installed in large sheets compared to small shingles, you shouldn’t have to worry as much about maintenance.

Maryland Roofing Company offers many different solutions for all of your roofing needs. Our experts are ready to talk about all the options available to you for your commercial roof. Whether you’re interested in a built-up roof or any other type of roof, contact us and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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