Whether you currently have a metal roof on a home you recently purchased or are considering switching to a metal roof, you likely have some questions about it. Metal roofs can be aesthetically pleasing and have plenty of other benefits. However, you also want to ensure it is high enough quality where it won’t get damaged easily during a weather event. Hail is one of the biggest weather events that cause damage to roofs. But if you ask a roof repair expert, they will tell you the extent of the damage on a metal roof isn’t usually as much as you’d think. These factors contribute to the hail damage you may face having a metal roof.

Slope Steepness On The Roof

Most roofing contractors in Maryland say the slope of the metal roof is a major determining factor in the amount of damage that could be done to it. The flatter the surface is, the higher the likelihood is of the dents appearing more defined. Roofs with a steeper slope can still experience dents, but the severity is usually much less since the hail won’t be exerting a direct force on it. If you’re buying or building a home with a metal roof, roofing contractors in Maryland should explain the ideal slope requirements to you. Quality Of Structural Support

The structural support system of the metal roof is also an important factor in the severity of hail damage. The more metal bends, the more extensive the damage could be. Sturdy structural support is critical in keeping your metal roof in good shape through even extreme weather events. The metal thickness is also something to consider. Thicker metal will cost more money, but the long-term benefits may be worth it to you if it means the roof won’t get damaged as easily. With a quality structural support system, you’ll likely only experience cosmetic blemishes during a hailstorm.

Size Of The Hail

The strength of hailstorms can’t be overlooked as a major factor as well. Metal roofs are tested to withstand hail of up to about 2”. Since most hailstorms do not produce hail sizes larger than this, roofing contractors in Maryland usually aren’t worried about having a thicker metal than what’s needed in most cases. There is always the chance of larger hailstorms coming, but most experts agree the cost of the highest quality roof isn’t justified due to the low risk.

Maryland Roofing Company offers roof repair in Annapolis, MD, and the surrounding areas. Hail damage can be one of the most costly roof repairs you have to deal with, depending on the strength of the storm. Any time a hailstorm comes through your area, it’s always recommended to call a roof repair expert to evaluate your roof. Sometimes the damage isn’t visible to the naked eye, so a thorough inspection can give you peace of mind and can take care of any minor issues before they become major. If you have any specific or general questions about metal roofs, contact us at any time.

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