The color of your roof shingles plays a major role in the overall appearance of the outside of your home. The curb appeal factor can be enhanced with a well-balanced blend of colors, and your roof shingles consist of roughly half of the exterior. While your Maryland roofing company may not know exactly what your tastes are when it comes to colors or themes, they can provide some advice from an outsider’s point of view to help lead you in the right direction. These three important factors can help make your shingle-choosing process a little easier.

Overall Theme

You can significantly narrow your color options by starting with the overall theme of your home. The colors should provide some contrast without being too harsh. There are typically two or three different exterior colors when you look at a home. Many roofing company services recommend contrasting your shingle color with your siding color. So if you have white, beige, light blue or another light-colored siding, a darker shingle color would be ideal. Darker-colored siding may not look good with a dark roof as well, so choosing lighter-colored shingles would benefit the overall theme.

Blending And Texturizing

Your Maryland roofing company may indicate color as being the most important consideration, but you also have to think about the little details like blending and texturizing. If your siding includes things like panels with different patterns or exposed bricks in certain areas, then you’ll want your shingles to be more of a flat color. On the other hand, if your siding is flat and a plain color, then you may choose shingles with a little more texture. The idea is for there to be a subtle enough contrast to help the different components of your home blend together as seamlessly as possible.


The roofing company services you work with can help you ensure your home is balanced visually. Light colors aren’t nearly as noticeable as dark colors, so most people choose a darker-colored shingle to create balance. Depending on the layout of your home, chances are the siding will be a light color. Selecting a dark-colored shingle is usually the common choice for homeowners with lighter-colored siding.

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