Materials in roofing are always becoming more advanced to allow them to hold up for a longer period of time. However, various factors can contribute to the expedited wear and tear of roof shingles. One of the signs of damaged shingles to look out for is if some of them begin curling. It’s always a good idea to have roofing company services take a look at any curled shingles as soon as possible since it could be a quick fix if caught early on. Here are three reasons why your roof shingles may start curling in the first place.

Defective or Aged Shingles

The roofing industry has strict standards when it comes to the manufacturing of products. Even the best roofing contractors in Maryland will tell you there is always a chance that a defective batch slips through, though. Most of the time defective shingles will be known immediately either by the roofing company services or when they begin curling very shortly after installation. And if you’ve had the same roof for many years, the age of the shingles may simply be the reason they are curling since they don’t last forever.

Insufficient Roof Ventilation

Proper roof ventilation is critical for many reasons. Without good ventilation, moisture and heat can get trapped in your attic, which could lead to the shingles curling. A good roof repair expert should be able to identify insufficient roof ventilation and diagnose it as being the main issue quickly. Getting this problem solved will prevent many other issues that will likely arise as a result.

Poor Installation

Doing thorough due diligence on roofing company services can prevent a lot of headaches years down the road. Companies that charge much lower prices for their services may not use the industry-recommended products or supplies. This leads to the installation of the roof not being the best quality, making the roof vulnerable to a host of problems over the years. Get ahead of these issues and prevent roof curling by only hiring a reputable and experienced roofing company service.

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