When you think about how much abuse your roof takes daily, it’s impressive they last as long as they do. However, with years of the sun’s UV rays beating down on it, hundreds of pounds of snow and other elements weighing it down, your roof could become damaged to the point where it needs to be replaced. Of course, a good roof repair expert will evaluate the roof and do repairs if possible to help save costs. These four things are known to cause the most damage to roofs, and most of them aren’t avoidable.

Heat And UV Rays

Daily heat from the sun’s UV rays during the summer months can make roof shingles slowly deteriorate over time. When they get to that point, they won’t be protecting your home like they should and could potentially cause more problems than anything else. Most roofing companies in Maryland recommend a roof inspection annually to check the condition of the shingles and identify potential areas of damage.

Tree Limbs And Branches

Fallen tree branches, or even whole trees, can create some immediate damage to your roof. But you can’t overlook the overhanging tree branches that rub on the roof as well. The branches rubbing on the shingles can make them weaker and even rub holes in the roof. This creates an easy entry for water and debris to enter and cause even more damage inside your home.

High Winds And Rain

High winds could pull away shingles from your roof and leave it exposed. Once this happens, it doesn’t take much rain to notice your roof leaking. That’s why a roof repair expert suggests having your roof evaluated after a weather event with extreme wind speeds, just to ensure the shingles are intact. When it comes to rain, your shingles are designed to keep water out, but damaged ones may cause leaks. Have the holes plugged up immediately to avoid moisture and condensation buildup in your attic and ceiling and potentially lead to mold growth.

Ice And Snow

Ice and snow are common during the winter and these elements can take a toll on your roof. If snow builds up too much, the weight of it could weaken the roof over time and cause long-term issues. The mixture of ice, snow and rain may also cause ice dams that back up onto the roof and cause rotting. The best roofing companies in Maryland suggest an evaluation before and after every winter to avoid issues created by winter weather.

Maryland Roofing Company offers the top roof repair in Annapolis, MD and the surrounding areas. When you call us for an inspection, we will evaluate your roof thoroughly and identify any imminent issues, as well as potential problems later on. We will go above and beyond to protect your roof from the most common damaging elements, but will never recommend anything you don’t need. Let us earn your confidence by calling us today and scheduling your roof inspection.

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