Many different factors go into how long your roof shingles will last before having to replace them. The good news is if you get your roof inspected regularly by the best roofing companies in Maryland, then you will have an idea of when it will be time for replacements. Most roof shingles will be functional and look good for up to about 30 years. Asphalt shingles are the most common type and typically have a lifespan of 15-25 years. Higher quality shingles may be guaranteed for 30+ years, but they often aren’t needed in certain areas. Regardless of the type of roof shingles you have, roofing company services will tell you to look at these factors to determine when it’s time to replace them.

External Factors Contribute To The Longevity Of Roof Shingles

The purpose of roof shingles is to protect your home while keeping you comfortable inside. However, the constant heating and cooling of the shingles, as well as various weather elements, can take a toll on them. Roof shingles are designed to handle the extreme cold and the extreme hot temperatures over different seasons. But after several years, the shingles could begin weakening and not expand and contract as easily.

Weather elements can also significantly reduce the lifespan of your shingles, especially if you don’t work with the best roofers in Maryland to maintain them. Moisture can eventually get under the shingles if they’ve experienced any type of damage from hail, wind, fallen tree limbs or other factors. Violent winds can also damage the shingles, but most of them are made to withstand high wind speeds. Some may just need to be repaired if they were damaged by debris.

Repairing vs. Replacing Shingles

Unless your roof is approaching 15-20 years old, many times roofing company services will suggest repairing affected shingles rather than getting a full roof replacement. A general rule of thumb to think about is if 25% or more of your roof shingles need to be repaired, then it’s likely time to replace them. Chances are the rest of the shingles will be needing repairs soon, so this is the point when the best roofers in Maryland will suggest replacing all of them.

Get An Expert Opinion On Your Roof

If you believe your roof needs repairs, but aren’t sure if a replacement is warranted, have a roofing company in Maryland come to check it out. Different opinions are valuable so you can understand the overall health of your roof shingles better and can make the right decision for your situation. Patching damaged shingles may get you by for a few more years, or you may be at the point where it’s best to just replace them all at one time.

Maryland Roofing Co. is always honest and transparent with our customers. Our recommendations are based on what we believe is best for your roof, while also considering financial concerns. We always look at what is most valuable for the short-term as well as the long-term health of your roof. If you believe your shingles need some work or if you haven’t had them inspected in a while, contact us today to schedule an appointment to have an expert evaluate your roof.

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