Winter storms can cause significant damage to your roof if you aren’t prepared for them. If it’s not the heavy snowfall itself creating the damage, it could be the resulting ice dams that make you have to call roofing company services for help. The unfortunate aspect of ice dams is homeowners typically don’t even see them until it’s too late since they are buried under snow. The good news is you can prevent them from occurring by taking proactive steps and getting in touch with the best roofers in Maryland for assistance.

Improve Your Attic Ventilation

What does attic ventilation have to do with ice dams on your roof? Air has to circulate freely under the roof of your home and keep the temperature consistent as much as possible. Temperature variations in an attic are one of the most common reasons why homeowners experience ice damming in the winter. The best roofers in Maryland will look at your ventilation system first to ensure you have the proper intake and exhaust vents. If your attic ventilation needs improvement, they can recommend a professional to get the job done for you or they may even have the expertise to do it themselves.

Evaluate Your Attic Insulation

Inadequate attic insulation is another common cause of ice dam damage on a roof. Poor insulation can cause heat to escape through the roof. This creates warm spots leading to snow melting on the roof. The top roofing company services will evaluate your attic insulation, especially around pipes, light fixtures and other areas where air can easily escape. Keeping your attic temperature as close as possible to the outdoor temperature is ideal, and proper insulation is a step in the right direction.

Have A Waterproof Shingle Underlayment Installed

Any expert in roof repair in Severna Park will know what a Waterproof Shingle Underlayment is and may recommend it to prevent ice dams. It is designed to be placed on the roof before the shingles go on and is completely waterproof. The best place to put a Waterproof Shingle Underlayment is at the edge of the gutter closest to the roof and at any of the valleys where the roof surfaces come together. These are typically the places where ice dams occur, so when properly installed they can prevent water from backing up.

Maryland Roofing Company is here to help you protect your home from the inevitable winter storms. Ice dams can create major issues on your roof and other areas of your home if not addressed. Before the winter storms start rolling in, it’s best to consult roofing company services to ensure you’re ready for them. Feel free to reach out to us at any time to set up a free consultation and discuss your concerns.

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