If you’ve lived in the northeast through at least one winter season, you know the magnitude of some of the winter storms that come through. Protecting your roof is essential during these elements, but most people don’t think about doing so until it’s too late. The best roofers in Maryland can give you peace of mind after they take care of some preventative maintenance on your roof. But if you don’t think you need to get your roof examined ahead of the impending winter storms, be sure to understand the impact the different elements can have on it.

Snow Damage

When the snow starts piling up several feet high on your roof, you may consider calling a roofing company service to help you reduce the load. The weight of the snow is much more than you think. The worst-case scenario can involve your roof collapsing, but the most likely scenarios include seeing cracks around doors and windows, ceiling damage and potentially water damage when the snow melts. The best way to prevent snow damage is to ensure your gutters are clear before the winter, remove snow from the roof when it starts piling up and calling the best roofers in Maryland to inspect the roof before storms start rolling in.

Water Damage

If water damage doesn’t occur from the snow melting, the combination of rain, sleet and freezing rain may be your biggest issue. Ice could build up in your gutters, leading to water accumulation during a rainstorm and potentially getting under your roof shingles. Every home is vulnerable to water damage on their roof during the winter months so the best way to prevent it is to ensure your drains and gutters are working properly.

Wind Damage

Winter storms in the northeast can bring very strong winds. It’s not uncommon to see a roof lose a large number of shingles. Then if you don’t call a roof repair expert quickly enough, the next rainstorm or snowstorm can create some serious problems on your exposed roof. Relying on a roofing company service to inspect your roof before the winter weather elements come is one of the best preventative measures you can take. Listen to their recommendations and take action to ensure your roof is in the best shape possible for the winter and beyond.

Maryland Roofing Company provides excellent roofing services for both commercial and residential properties throughout Maryland. Winter weather storms are upon us, so now is the time to take action to protect your roof. Even something that seems like a minor concern, like a clogged gutter, can lead to much larger problems during a snowstorm. Having a roof repair expert inspect your roof can save you a lot of headaches and money, so contact us today to schedule your inspection.

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