After a big weather storm passes and you’ve made it through safely, it’s time to check whether any damage occurred to your home. Hail, lightning and fallen tree limbs may cause immediately noticeable damage to your home, but some damage may not be easily visible. Even strong wind gusts could make roof shingles peel back and potentially create a problem for your roof. That’s why any time a big storm comes through your neighborhood, your safest bet is to have a roof repair expert come out and evaluate these components of your home for damage.

Roof Shingles

A hailstorm can cause a significant amount of damage to your roof shingles. If they get damaged, roofing company services advise getting them repaired or replaced immediately to prevent further damage to the roof. Sometimes even high winds can be just as damaging as hail when it comes to your shingles, especially when existing damage was present. If you don’t address these problems quickly with a roof repair expert, you’re leaving your roof exposed to potential leaks and other problems that could end up causing interior damage to your home.


The attic is important to inspect as well since it is a big part of your home’s ventilation system. Water leaks or damage should be addressed immediately so it doesn’t turn into a mold problem. If your attic sustained damage during a storm and you did not inspect it afterward, you may notice water stains on your ceiling eventually. At this point, it’s critical to have roofing company services out to assess the situation to prevent further damage and fix any current damage.

Ventilation System

The ventilation system in your home is essential for making it feel comfortable and free of moisture. During a bad storm, vents could crack or bend and make them ineffective. If these issues don’t get addressed immediately, they may not be able to keep the home moisture-free, which leads to an uncomfortable environment and the potential for moisture build-up. Some of the things a roof repair expert will examine after a storm is every vent around your home to ensure your entire ventilation system can operate effectively and prevent future problems.

Maryland Roofing Company provides roof repair in Severna Park and the surrounding cities. Whether your home was damaged by a recent storm or if you’ve been putting off a certain repair, give us a call and we will provide you with a free assessment and cost estimate. We understand roof repairs are often unexpected and you may not have the costs budgeted for, so we work with each of our customers accordingly. Not taking quick action on roof damage can lead to extensive roof repairs and even higher costs, so contact us today to schedule an evaluation to get ahead of any major problems with your home.

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