One of the biggest investments many people make during their lifetime is their home. But with homeownership comes a responsibility to maintain it regularly to ensure you can enjoy it safely. Roof repairs will need to happen occasionally, and sometimes you’ll have to have a complete roof replacement. This is when you’ll need to get in touch with the best roofers in Maryland to tackle the job so you won’t have to worry about your roof for years afterward. A complete roof replacement is a very involved process and here are the steps roofing company services will go through.

Removing The Old Roof And Inspecting The Decking

Following your roof inspection and preparation for keeping your home safe during the roof installation process, roofers will begin removing the old shingles. The best roofers in Maryland need to inspect the wood decking under the shingles closely to determine whether it’s in good shape or needs to be repaired. Every inch of the decking is examined because if the wood is beginning to rot or is wet and could eventually rot, it needs to be replaced before the new roof is installed.

Preparation And Installation

After the thorough inspection process is complete, roofing company services will begin by installing drip edges and underlayment to prevent water and ice from damaging the wood in the future. Roofing felt is also installed so the shingles won’t stick to the wood as the roofers lay them down. The preparation process is tedious and it may seem like progress is going slow, but the details will keep your roof protected for the long term. After the final preparation steps are taken, the new roof will be installed and you’ll be able to see the progress more quickly. The roofing shingles or other materials you’ve chosen will be installed from the bottom of the roof and the roofers will work their way up until completion.

Final Inspection and Clean-Up

The best roofers in Maryland will always do a final thorough inspection to ensure every inch of the roof was installed properly. Any nails, old materials and other debris will also be cleaned up so your yard will look like it did before the roofers began the project. The roofing company services should walk you through the steps they took, answer any questions you may have and provide advice on how to maintain and care for your new roof.

Maryland Roofing Company wants to make the experience of replacing your roof as simple as possible. We understand a new roof is a significant financial investment, but it’s also an important one for the longevity of your home. Working with a trusted and reliable roofing company is essential to maximize your return on investment. We will always provide transparency and answer any questions you may have to ensure the product and service you receive meets or exceeds your expectations. Be sure to contact us to schedule a free cost estimate if you believe you need a new roof on your home.

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