Have you ever wondered what that random pipe is that’s sticking out of your roof? It’s known as a roof boot. The purpose of a roof boot is to protect the pipe vent that comes out of the roof. The pipe vent itself is designed to create a balance for your plumbing system and prevent leaks from occurring. The pipe vent can be exposed to a lot of weather elements and debris, so the roof boot protects it from getting damaged. Most roofing company services agree the roof boot should require very little maintenance over time, but it’s important to know what could go wrong so you can prevent issues.

Can A Roof Boot Create Problems?

The roof boot is typically located right above the kitchen or bathroom. Most of the time a roof boot won’t have a negative impact on your roof at all. The extent of the problems it can create happens over time when the rubber seal or flashing pulls away from the boot itself. When this happens, you’ll likely need to have a roof repair expert come out to your home and reseal it. Water can slowly leak through the gaps, get into your attic and ceiling and create mold and rot before you even know it’s happening.

Caring For Your Roof Boot

It’s simple to have a roof repair expert inspect your roof boot periodically and enhance the seal if needed. Since many roof boots are located above an attic, you can also climb into your attic and do periodic inspections around it to see if there are any signs of water intrusion. Soft spots in the wood, dark spots or anything else out of the ordinary should prompt you to give your roofing company service a call.

Having a professional inspect your roof annually is also a good idea to prevent issues from developing. They will be able to detect potential problems before they even create an issue, which saves you a lot of headaches and money on roof repairs. Then at least you’ll have some peace of mind knowing your roof is in good shape when harsh weather arrives.

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