Whether a big storm has just damaged your roof or if wear and tear over the years have you thinking it’s time for a new roof, you may wonder what role your homeowner’s insurance plays. Most of the time, homeowners insurance won’t cover a new roof if it’s simply being installed because the existing one has worn out. And sometimes insurance won’t even cover it after a major storm damages it, depending on the age of the roof and other factors. The best roofers in Maryland can be an asset to you when working with your insurance provider since they can help you explain the specifics to them. Here’s what you need to know about roof replacement and insurance companies.

Call Your Insurance Agent Immediately To Explain The Damage

The first thing all roofing company services suggest you do after damage occurs to your roof is to immediately call your insurance agent. Have them explain to you what your policy covers, even if you believe you know the answer, and ask for any possible exclusions you may have. Review your policy again to confirm the information and compare it against what your agent tells you. Every policy is unique, and they may require multiple estimates and recommendations from different roofing company services before they even consider replacing the roof. What they are usually looking for is consistency among the recommendations by the roofing company services, including confirmation that the roof has been maintained, you did not do anything to damage the roof, and that the recent storm has created the need for a new roof.

The Age Of The Roof Matters

In some situations, homeowners insurance companies may not cover the cost of a roof replacement if the roof is nearing the age to be replaced anyway. Most of the time, if your roof is around 20 years old or older, any insurance claim will be rejected. However, it’s still worth it to have a Maryland Roofing Company inspect the roof thoroughly. They may be able to indicate whether the roof would have had many more years left before needing to be replaced and convince the insurance company that they should cover it. You’ll likely need plenty of photo evidence and proof that you have been maintaining the roof as much as possible, though, for them to consider it.

Rely On The Best Roofers In Maryland To Help

Working with insurance companies can be painful, but the experiences can be made a little easier when working with reliable and trustworthy roofing company services. The best companies will have experience dealing with insurance providers and know what needs to be said to give you the best chance of having them cover at least a portion of the costs. Discount companies or inexperienced roofers may not be able to provide this level of service, which won’t help your case much.

Maryland Roofing Company is here to help you throughout the process of getting your roof replaced. Major storms can happen unexpectedly, and we want to ensure you are safe in your home as soon as possible. It’s always valuable to check with your insurance provider about covering the cost of a new roof, so contact us today to obtain a cost estimate that you can provide them.

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