However, they are often a sign of issues with your roof, gutters or downspouts. If they are left to hang on your home, they can pull down gutters or add weight to the roof that it might not be able to handle.

Icicles Can Cause Moisture Issues

Icicles and ice dams form as heat radiates from the top of your home and slightly melts the snow nearby. As temperatures fall during the night hours, the moisture freezes where it is because it has nowhere to go. Eventually, the melted ice may be forced under shingles, through the roof decking and into your home itself.

If you smell mold, see stains on the ceiling or see other signs of a roofing problem, the folks at Maryland Roofing Company in Severna Park can help. Our team can inspect the roof, repair damaged shingles or completely replace this component in a timely and affordable manner.

What Happens if the Gutters Fall?

Losing a gutter in itself may result in an expensive repair bill. However, a lack of gutters may allow water to pour over the roof and pool near the home’s foundation. If you see cracks in the walls or have doors that won’t close properly, it may be a sign that the home has sustained foundation damage. Cracks in the walls may also be a clue that the roof needs to be repaired or replaced immediately.

In the late winter or early spring, temperatures may be warm enough to attract rodents, insects or other creatures that are attracted to standing water. A rodent or insect infestation could cause additional damage to your home as well as spread diseases that might make you or your pets sick.

If you see icicles on your roof, call the folks at Maryland Roofing Company today! We can maintain or repair both pitched and flat roofs made from traditional shingles or metal. We can also perform home inspections for those looking to purchase a property.

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