Material Warranties: What Are the Pros and Cons?

Considering material warranties is especially important when beginning a roofing project, whether new construction or renovation. While the warranties have several pros, they also have their share of cons. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of material warranties.

Pros: Peace of Mind, Cost Effective, and Increased Resale Value

Material warranties will give you peace of mind, and you will not be worried about losing your materials. The warranties assure that your building materials will be covered if anything goes wrong following a roofing project.

Getting material warranties will help you save a lot of money. That is because you will receive free replacement and repair services if anything goes wrong with the materials within the warranty period. This is cheaper than paying for replacements and repairs upfront.

Material warranties on roofs are often transferable in whole or in part. This might increase the resale value of your home if you sell it while the warranty is still active.

Con: Limited Coverage and Long Wait

Material warranties only protect construction supplies. For example, suppose the roofing materials become defective and destroy other things in your building or house. In that case, the warranties will only cover the damaged construction materials and not the other affected items.

Since construction companies deal with many clients, you might have to wait longer before they attend to you. The company must also assess the issue to determine that it is in line with its terms and conditions.

Rely on Professionals

Installing, replacing, and repairing a roof requires the knowledge and expertise of trained professionals. If you are in the Severna Park area, you can depend on the expert services of Maryland Roofing Company to meet your roofing needs. We take time to understand your unique needs and work with you to deliver the most cost-effective roofing solutions. Contact us today for more details!

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