Even a few inches of snow can add significant weight to your roof, which could put it at risk of sagging or collapsing. After a winter storm, you’re encouraged to make an appointment to have snow removed as quickly as possible. A professional will know how to do so in a timely and safe manner, following these essential steps.

Ensure That There Is Adequate Clearance

Like an avalanche running down a mountain, snow can run off your roof with little or no warning. This may occur if one section of the roof contains snow that isn’t as dense as surrounding areas or is otherwise not stable. In such a scenario, snow weighing hundreds of pounds can fall in a matter of seconds, which can create a dangerous scenario. Before removal efforts begin, it’s generally a good idea to remove patio furniture, vehicles, or other items that are within a few feet of your roof line.

Proper Tool Use Is Essential

Our roofers at Maryland Roofing Company in Severna Park, MD, have access to the tools needed to remove snow from a roof safely and properly. For instance, a roof rake can remove snow without needing to get on your roof. If there is a need to access the roof directly, a harness or other safety equipment may be necessary.

The use of proper footwear is also important, as there may be a hidden layer of ice underneath the snow that makes staying upright difficult. Professionals know how to walk on a roof in a manner that causes little or no damage to the shingles or underlying components.

If you are in need of snow removal or other roof maintenance services, don’t hesitate to call Maryland Roofing Company today! We can also help you replace your shingle roof with an upgraded metal structure or take care of commercial roofing needs.

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