If you’re like many families, you have a furry member or two. While you likely pay attention to the types of foods that your pets eat and the amount of exercise that they get to ensure they stay healthy, when was the last time you took a look at your electrical system? There may be some electrical hazards lingering around your home that could endanger your four-legged friends.

Electrical Cords

One of the biggest electrical hazards for any pet is electrical cords. When you have electrical cords running throughout your rooms, your pets can easily trip over them and become injured. If you have extension cords and power strips, you want to be very careful that these are out of your pet’s reach. It only takes a little bit of time for them to chew on a cord that has electricity going through it.

Open Outlets

While you may not think of an electrical outlet as something overly dangerous, it can be a real hazard for your pets that don’t know any better. It only takes a moment of them sniffing and licking the electrical outlet to possibly receive a shock. One of the best things you can do to prevent this is to use plastic covers on any of your outlets that are not in use. Whenever you’re plugging in devices, make sure that all the metal prongs are completely inside the outlet. Leaving any of the metal exposed can pose another electrical safety risk for a pet, who might try to lick it.

Devices Left Plugged In

Another electrical hazard for your pets is any device that is actively plugged into an electrical outlet. This could be leaving your hair dryer plugged in after using it in the morning or having a space heater plugged in to warm your home. It only takes your pet being curious and knocking the device off of the counter for it to become dangerous. A tipped-over space heater can lead to an electrical fire. A hair dryer that gets pushed into a wet bathtub can be a major electrical hazard for your pet. Do yourself and your pet a favor by simply unplugging your electrical devices when you’re not using them.

Expert Electrician Services

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