Roof flashing can help prevent leaks in the most vulnerable parts of a roof, such as in corners and crevices and in the areas around a chimney, skylights, or vents. Unfortunately, flashing can get damaged. Here are situations in which you should replace your flashing to protect the integrity of your roof.

Replacing a Roof

When replacing a roof, it’s a good idea to replace the flashing at the same time. If your roof and flashing are the same age and were initially installed more than a decade or two ago, you’ll definitely benefit from updated flashing. If you have to replace a roof because it’s been damaged by a tree, it would still be smart to replace your flashing. Compared to the cost of a roof replacement, replacing flashing is very affordable.

Flashing Damage

Sometimes, the flashing itself can get damaged or worn down. In this case, water can much more easily get through into your attic and home and cause all sorts of issues, some of which can be related to mold or mildew. These are signs that you’ll need to get your flashing replaced:

  • Cracked or bent flashing
  • Corroded or rusted flashing
  • Water pooling in certain areas of the roof
  • Water damage inside the home
  • Curling shingles

Major water damage and the pooling of water are more obvious than cracked or corroded flashing. After all, it’s not every day that homeowners get on their roofs. That’s why you should consider getting a roof inspection. Many people recommend that you get a roof inspection every year so that a professional can spot small problems before they lead to more significant ones.

Ready to Assist

Maryland Roofing Company can help you replace your flashing if you live in the Severna Park region. We have more than four decades of combined experience, and we take pride in the quality of our work. We’ve assisted residential and commercial customers with their roof installations, replacements, and repairs. Trust that we’ll get the job done the right way. Call Maryland Roofing Company to let us know how we can help you.

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